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About Us

What We Do

TNR (Trap Neuter Return of feral/stray cats) and work to prepare kittens who can be socialized for adoption. We network with other rescues to maximize adoptions of stray and homeless dogs, cat, pigs and other Companion animals in our community.  We house a small population of geriatric unadoptable dogs and cats.  We assist, as financially possible, with food, healthcare, spay and neuter, and vaccinations for animals whose owners have fallen on hard times.


How We Do It

Our organization is run entirely by volunteers and all of our pets are housed by dedicated foster families throughout North Texas.
We focus on helping the healthy and treatable pets who are at risk of euthanasia at Dallas Animal Services – by rescuing the pets at greatest risk and helping owners who are having problems so great that they need to surrender their pet(s) to a shelter.

In our rescue program, we focus primarily on the pets who have already been passed over by other groups and the Dallas Animal Services’ adoption programs, taking only the healthy and treatable pets who have no other options.


Who We Are

Drowzy Dawg Rescue actively participates in activities of companion animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption.  Drowzy Dawg strives to engage in other activities related to educating the public concerning animal health and welfare issues.  Drowzy Dawg directly participates in, and provides a forum for others to engage in the promotion of animal welfare.  Drowzy Dawg expects to expand and redefine our rescue activities program as necessary to meet the continuing challenge of animal welfare and rescue in our community. We are affiliated with Petco Adoption Partner and Ally Cat Allies Feral Friends Network.